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The Temple Lara Jonggrang (Prambanan)

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An outstanding monument of the dynasty Sanjaya remains of magnificent Shiva temple complex Lara Jonggrang (means "slender virgin"). It is located in Prambanan, built in the early X century.

Hindu temple complex Lara Jonggrang brings together three large temple, five smaller shrines and numerous chapels. Especially beautiful slender and soaring main temple of Shiva.

In the temple there are also halls dedicated to the major gods of the Hindu Pantheon, Vishnu and Brahma. All the rooms of the temple are decorated with beautiful bas-reliefs. Also on the temple walls depicts the mythical bird Garuda, the national symbol of Indonesia. In the dry season at full moon there are performances of the ballet "the Ramayana" — an unforgettable sight.

There is a legend about Prince Bandung Bondowoso who fell in love with Princess Lara Jonggrang, the daughter of king Boko. At that time there were two kingdoms, Pending and Boko. The Kingdom of Pending flourished his ruler was a wise king Prabhu Damar Moyo who had a son - Bandung Bondowoso. A Kingdom ruled by a brutal Boko giant cannibal Prabhu Boko with his right hand, a giant Patios Cupola. The king Prabhu Boko had a daughter-a beautiful daughter Lara Jongrang. One day Prabhu Boko desired to expand his Kingdom and started a war with a neighbor - the Kingdom of Penjing. When Boko started his perfidious invasion, the king of Pendinga sent his son Bondowoso with the army to repel the attack. In the course of battle Boko was killed and his assistant Pation Cupola returned to the Kingdom and told of Rare Jonggrang that her father died. The winner of Bandung Bondowoso fell in love with the Princess and made her an offer of marriage. But the Princess, thinking that he killed her father, accepted his offer. Bandung Bondowoso insisted, and the Princess came up with a challenge - the Prince needs a night to build 1000 temples. The Prince called on the help of a higher power that helped him to build 999 temples. When the Prince finished last, and the Princess saw this, she woke the whole court and ordered to kindle fires on the East side, to simulate a sunrise. The Prince realized that he cheated, went into a rage, cursed the Princess and she turned into a stone statue. According to legend, the last, unfinished temple became a Church Planting ("planting" in Javanese means "a thousand"), and the Princess is the image of the goddess Durga in the Shiva temple.