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Art Museum, the Agung Rai

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Art Museum, the Agung Rai is located in Ubud. The Museum bears the name of its founder - the Bali patron and collector Agung Raya, who all his life was devoted to collecting art and culture of Bali. The official opening of the Museum took place in June 1996 and was attended by the Minister of education and culture of Indonesia, Dr. Vardiman, Djojonegoro.

The the Agung Rai Museum is located in several buildings surrounded by gardens. Among the exhibits there are paintings of the Javanese painter raden Saleh, including his mysterious work "portrait of a Javanese nobleman and his wife" painted by the artist in 1837. Also visitors will be able to see the work of Indonesian artists such as Affandi, Sadali, Lampad. In the Museum there are paintings by legendary artists such as Walter spies, Rudolf bonnet and Adrian Le Meyer, who played a significant role in representing the world of Balinese painting. Among the exhibits there are paintings by local artist Nyoman Lampada, paintings in the style of kamasan, which is named after one of the villages of Bali and is considered the oldest style of traditional Balinese paintings, batuan style, which is characterized by multi-figure composition on a dark background.

At the Museum there is a cafe where visitors can eat and relax after viewing the paintings. Also in the Museum guests can enjoy traditional dance performances that are regularly held at the outdoor stage and enjoy workshops on wood carving and the creation of Balinese batik.