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National Park Baluran

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National Park Baluran is located in the district Ativando, East Java province. In the area where the Park is mainly dominated by dry climate, about 40% of the Park is Savannah, there are lowland forests, mangrove forests, hills.

A more accurate location of the Park - the North-Eastern part of the island of Java, near the Islands of Bali and Madura. In the Northern part of the Park borders with Madura Strait, in the Eastern part of the Straits of Bali. On the West border of the Park flows the river Badjulmati, and on the South side - the river Clocolan. In the center of the Park is the volcano - Baluran, which reaches a height of 1,247 metres. This stratovolcano is the most Eastern volcano of Java island.

The total area of the national Park is 25,000 hectares. the Park is divided into 5 zones: the main zone, which is a 12,000 ha area of wild nature, which is the 5537 hectares, of which 1063 hectares is water area. The following three areas of the Park, 800 hectares, 5780 hectares and 783 hectares each. On the territory of this protected Park is the lake, which includes sulfur.

It is recorded that in the Park there are about 444 species of plants, among which are those that are on the brink of extinction: tamarind (tamarind), PT, karifa (umbrella palm), a plant of the genus jujube. The property also grows a lot of cereals, among which are Alang-Alang, different types of blackberries, vines, you can see the coral tree and the Jujube tree. The Park is home to 26 species of mammals including the banteng, a wild dog, red wolf, Indian muntjac, Java small kancil, a cat-fisherman, leopard and others. Among birds, of which there are about 155 species, it is necessary to highlight Indian Hornbill, green peacock, wild chickens and Javanese marabou.

The national Park has its own mascot is the bull, the banteng.