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National Park Wakatobi

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National Park Wakatobi is a protected marine Park, which is located in the southern part of the island of Sulawesi. The name of the Park - Wakatobi is an abbreviation that is formed from the names of the first letters of the four main Islands of the archipelago Tukangbesi (Tukang-Besi) - Vanga-Vanga, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko.

Tukangbesi archipelago consists of 25 Islands and volcanic, and coral reefs. It is worth noting that the archipelago is known for its coral reefs and in 1996 was declared a marine protected area. National Park Wakatobi in 2005 was inscribed on the world heritage list of UNESCO, and in 2012, the world network of biosphere reserves.

A more accurate location of the Park - the South-Eastern part of the island of Sulawesi. In addition to the four large Islands in the national Park include the small size of the island. All national Park, Wakatobi includes 143 island. They are all populated except the seven Islands. The population consists of approximately one hundred thousand people.

National Park ranks third in size among marine parks of Indonesia. The famous researcher of sea depths Jacques Cousteau called this Park "underwater Nirvana". Territory marine national Park - 1.4 million hectares, 900 thousand hectares of which is of different types and colors of coral reefs. In addition, the island famous for the largest barrier coral reef in Indonesia - the second largest after the Great barrier reef in Australia. Apart from the reefs the Park is famous for the fact that its territory is inhabited by the largest number of species of fish. Also, the waters are home to dolphins, turtles and even whales.