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The water Palace by car

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By car is the former Royal Palace in Eastern Bali. The Palace is 5 kilometres from Karangasem, district in the province of Bali, and close to Abang.

The Palace is known fact that is on the water, and belonged to the king of Karangasem. The construction date of the Palace - 1946-1948 years, and the king himself took a direct part in the construction of his residence. But by car, occupying a territory of 1 ha, unfortunately, in 1963, was completely destroyed due to the eruption of the volcano Agung. After a time the Palace was fully restored.

It is worth noting that the name of the Palace by car is translated as "water of the Ganges." This residence is surrounded by lush gardens. The pride of the Palace are 11 fountains which are tiered. The Palace complex reflects the meaning of Hindu Bali: the complex is divided into three levels, which are at different heights and represent that there is a higher world of the gods, the human world and the lower level where the demons live. At each level there are corresponding statues.

There are baths and ponds with fish (Golden carp), baths you can even swim for a fee. Fish feed can be bought at the entrance of bread or food. It is believed that water which flows on the Palace grounds, the sacred, because it flows from a sacred river. Baths even is a lot of Balinese ritual ceremonies.

By car surrounded by rice fields.