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Pura Jagatnatha was built in 1953 and dedicated to the God of Sanghiang ViDi WASA. Sanghyang WIDI WASA, the Supreme deity, is the embodiment of the unity of the world order that combines order and chaos, as well as incarnation of God Vishnu. The building is located in the Eastern part of the famous Puputan square.

Pura Jagatnatha state building, so is open to absolutely all believers, without any restrictions. Also in this temple are celebrated all the holidays, as the temple is Central in Denpasar. Although the Balinese recognise many gods, the belief in one Supreme God (which, however, can have many faces), shows that Balinese Hinduism adheres to the principles Pancasila, namely, the first principle is belief in one God. Pancasila the five principles of Indonesia's national ideology, a set of commandments.

Padmasana Pura Jagatnatha - the symbolic center of the main sanctuary in the shape of a Lotus - made of white corals, there is an empty throne on the back of a turtle and two mystical snake-like creations (Naga). The throne symbolizes heaven, and the Naga is a symbol of the Foundation of the world. The temple walls are decorated with engravings depicting scenes from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, ancient Indian epics.

Every month in this temple are two of the festival - during the new and full moon. During festivals in the temple show the breathtaking performances of shadow puppet wayang. Remember that you will need to buy the national dress of sarong to visit the temple.