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Bali Museum is located on the street the mayor Vishnu, in the centre of Denpasar city. On the North side of the Museum is the impressive building of the famous temple Jagatnatha, and directly opposite the Museum, Puputan Badung square and catur Muka statue. Catur Muka statue is cityrealty guard, which reaches a height of 5 meters.

The Museum was founded in 1910, and the purpose of the Bali Museum was to preserve the cultural heritage of Bali. The initiators of the Museum were also representatives of the Dutch colonial administration, and kings some specific kingdoms and the Principality of Bali, as well as architects and other members of the culture. In 1917, the eruption of the volcano Gunung Batur and the building was destroyed. In 1925 a new building was constructed, but it was used more as an exhibition complex due to the fact that the Museum's collection, including historical materials and documents, artifacts and Antiques, was not adequate. In December 1932, the official opening of the Bali Museum, whose architecture combines elements of Palace and temple architecture in Bali.

The exhibits of the Museum tell the history of Bali from prehistoric times. The collection includes bronze statues, among which you can see the statue of the Buddha, objects for religious ceremonies (various masks), objects of ethnographic collections and more. Among the collection of paintings includes works by unknown artists who painted scenes from the Ramayana mineral paints on rice paper as well as paintings by well-known authors of the twentieth century.