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Museum pasifika is an art Museum in Nusa Dua, Bali. Nusa Dua used to be a small size fishing village. Over time, the village has become one of the most expensive and famous resorts in the world.

Nusa Dua is translated as "the two lands". The name comes from the location of Nusa Dua - on the banks of a small Peninsula that formed on the impressive size of reef corals. On the top there is a viewing platform offering stunning views of the surrounding area, as well as the Museum of art.

Date of Foundation of the Museum - 2006. The Museum presents a large number of cultural artefacts from the Pacific region. The idea of creating a Museum belongs to a small group of art lovers and collectors of antique items from France and Indonesia.

The Museum's collection contains more than 600 artworks by 200 artists from 25 countries. It is worth noting that among the artists are natives of the countries of the Pacific region, the Europeans left their homeland, and wrote his paintings in this region. In the Museum's collection has works of famous Javanese painter raden Saleh and a Balinese artist Nyoman Gunars. The Museum's 11 galleries, each devoted to a particular direction in art: first artists of Indonesia, from the second to the fourth - Europeans who worked in Indonesia (Italy, Holland, France). The fifth room presents the Indo-European artists, in the sixth temporary exhibitions. In the seventh room, guests are the artists from Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, in the eighth - from Polynesia and Tahiti. In the ninth - artists from Oceania, the other halls artists from Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines. In the Museum there is the same ritual masks and costumes, wooden pagan idols.