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Pura Maospahit

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Hindu temple Pura Maospahit as neighboring temple Jagatnatha are the most popular and visited in Denpasar.

Pura Maospahit was built in the XIV century and is the oldest in the city. The history of this temple starts during the existence of the Empire Majapahit, the last indianterminal Kingdom in Indonesia in the XIII-XV centuries. This Empire occupied the Eastern part of Java island in Indonesia and the capital of the Empire was the city of Majapahit. Built the temple was named in honor of the Empire. Unfortunately, in 1917, an earthquake destroyed the building of the temple, but the temple was subsequently restored. Unfortunately, around 1520, the Empire collapsed, and only these temples, like Pura Maospahit are a reminder of the time, and also have a high architectural value today.

The style of the temple is typical of the buildings that were built during the peak of the Empire Majapahit temple built of red brick. Pura Maospahit consists of two parts, which are separated from each other by a high wall. The main entrance to this temple is open only on major holidays. On weekdays the temple is accessed via a door on the left side, but they also are not always open to those wishing to visit this architectural monument. The main gate of the temple is decorated with clay sculptures: guardians threatening. In the temple there are statues of Garuda, a mythical bird, which was a favorite of Lord Vishnu, the Battery Bay, son of the wind God. It should be noted that Garuda has been popular in Indonesia since early times and today is a national symbol.