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Maimun Palace

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Maimun Palace is a Royal Palace of the Sultanate of Delhi and one of the most striking architectural monuments in the city of Medan, capital of North Sumatra province.

The Sultanate of Delhi - a Muslim Sultanate, it is located in the East of the island of Sumatra and was founded in 1630. Originally it was the Kingdom, and in 1814 the government has received the status of the Sultanate. The Palace was built in years 1887-1891 Sultan Makana al Rashid Perkasa Alamshah. Also at the request of Sultan al Rashid Makana was built another city landmark - the Great mosque of Medan.

Maimun Palace is a huge territory with the total area 2772 sq. m. In the Palace 30 rooms, surrounded by gardens. The construction of the Palace was done by professionals, invited from Holland. Among tourists, the Palace is a popular attraction not only because of its historical past, but also because of the unique interior decoration. Incredible and fabulous interior of the Palace combines elements of different cultures and styles: here you can see the elements of Malay architecture, Islamic, Spanish, Indian, and Italian architecture. Will amaze visitors of large size crystal chandelier and the antique pieces of furniture in the Throne room, total area - 412 sq. m. also in the hall hang ancient portraits of the Sultan's family.

Unfortunately, for the tourists are open only two rooms of the building, and in front of the entrance to this fairy-tale Palace, all visitors are asked to remove their shoes. Today, the maimun Palace is the official residence of the brother of the current Sultan.