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Affandi Museum is located in Yogyakarta, Java island. The Museum building stands on the Bank of river Gajah Wong. Originally it was the house in which he lived and worked the painter Affandi, Indonesian painter-impressionist and schedule, and after his death the house became a Museum.

Affandi was born in 1907 in the port city of Cirebon, which is located on the Northern coast of the island of Java in the West Java province. The father wanted the son to become a doctor, but Affandi wanted to become an artist and began to study art, learn to draw. In 1947, Affandi founded an Association "National artists", and in 1952, the Union of artists of Indonesia. A special artist's reception was the work of a tube of paint with a brush. This technique the artist was the result of a funny thing happened: he was looking for a pencil to draw a line, and when his patience is exhausted, as the pencil was, he just took a tube of paint and began to draw.

Affandi himself designed and built his home, which later became a Museum. The architecture of the house is quite unusual, with its roof shaped like a banana leaf.

The Museum contains about 250 paintings, including self portraits. In addition, guests can see the personal items, car and Bicycle, which the artist enjoyed in his time. Among the collection there are works of other artists. Artist Affandi, already being famous, he participated in many exhibitions in different countries. The artist's grave is located on the territory of the Museum complex, as he commanded.