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Celuk village located near Ubud. Ubud is a small town in the Central part of Bali, towards the North.

Ubud is known what is considered the "land of artists" - beautiful nature, silence and tranquility attract artists who even buy in this area of the house. Before the Balinese when painting, used paint, mineral stones, but in 1936 on the island came the Europeans who brought with them paint, canvas, paper for drawing, and taught the Balinese to enjoy all this.

Before the arrival of Europeans in Bali came a German artist Walter spies, who founded the settlement of artists and, being also a choreographer, invented and put the famous and spectacular "kechak" - "dancing monkeys", which is popular among millions of tourists coming to Bali. Ubud is considered to be the center of cultural life of the archipelago is located in the city's most interesting gallery of wooden sculpture, which is on the island of Bali.

If Ubud is famous for its art works and products of wood, Cheluk famous jewelry craft. Live in the village jewellers who create masterpieces made of gold and silver. The products of these craftsmen are sold not only in Indonesia but around the world.

In the past the villagers were mainly farmers. Rumor has it that first lived in the village only three families who belonged to the caste of Pande, which became the pioneer in the jewelry business. They worked metals, and created accessories for Hindu worship. With the development of tourism in Bali, the farmers began to study the craft, and achieved considerable heights. Method of manufacturing products is kept secret, but the decorations, made in the traditional manner, characteristic of the area, hit extraordinary form and beauty.