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Palace Pagaruyung

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Once Pagaruyung Palace served as the residence of the Minangkabau kings who ruled the Kingdom Pagaruyung, although there is very little information. Minangkabau is the ethnic group that inhabits areas of the Western and Central Sumatra.

Royal Palace built in the traditional style for the people - Minangkabau rumah gadang. Rumah gadang in the language of the ethnic Minangkabau sounds like "big house". Despite the fact that today there is no king, no Royal family living in it, the Palace still enjoys great popularity among the Minangkabau.

The Palace was burned down several times and rebuilt again. After the last fire, the Palace was restored and today serves as a Museum and is a popular tourist attraction.

The original building of the Palace was built of wood and was located on mount Batu Patach. The Palace was struck by its uniqueness: the building is three storey, 72 columns and a roof with sharp edges, reminiscent of bat wings. But in 1804 during the war: (military conflict between the inhabitants of Sumatra and the Dutch conquerors), the Palace was destroyed by fire. It was rebuilt, but in 1966, again there was a fire and the Palace was again destroyed. The restoration of the Palace began only in 1976, the new building was an exact copy of the original Royal Palace. This building was not built on the spot where stood the old Palace and a little further South.

Unfortunately, in 2007, was again on fire as a result of lightning, trapped in the roof. Almost all of the valuable artifacts were destroyed. Surviving historical items can be seen today in the Palace of Silindung bulan, which is 2 km from the Palace Pagaruyung. After the last fire reconstruction lasted about 6 years, and again the Palace was opened only in 2013.