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Aquarium "Marine world" was established on October 2, 1992, when the Governor of Jakarta, Mr. Wiyogo, Attarine, the cornerstone was laid to mark the beginning of building a home for underwater inhabitants. Today Sea world is the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia. The building with the surrounding buildings and territories covers an area of over three hectares, the main body is about 4.5 thousand sq m of exhibits.

The concept of aquarium is rooted in the mentality of most naval powers in the world that is made up more of water than of land. Thread of the 17,000 Indonesian Islands stretches more than 5,000 kilometers and forms 81000 km of coastline, framed by coral reefs, known for its biological diversity. Aquarium Sea world is the wide open window, giving everyone the opportunity to see and learn more about the precious and fragile underwater life of Indonesia.

The main objective of the aquarium is very simple - to expand the horizons of visitors, entertaining them or providing appropriate educational programs. This is the first marine complex in Indonesia, which uses the entertainment-education concept is based on the fact that people can witness or participate in underwater adventures and improve their understanding of living beings and their nature that will ultimately lead to an understanding of their enduring role for the environment. The mission of the aquarium consists of three components: education, recreation, and environmental protection.

In the home aquarium sharks, rays and thousands of representatives of the 351 species are so close that they could touch, if not the walls 80 meter acrylic tunnel. For the convenience of the visitors tunnel equipped with a moving walkway. The area of the aquarium is 38 x 24 m, depth ranges from 4.5 to 6 m, and the volume allows you to hold 5 million litres of seawater. Due to its size is the largest marine aquarium in Southeast Asia. The animals are fed daily from the hands of divers. To see this fascinating spectacle at a specially organized show with a guide, a teacher through a large window in the room, which is called the Amphitheatre. On the second floor is an observation deck that allows you to admire the inhabitants of the main aquarium from the top. Get to interact with animals and feed in the presence of personnel in a special pool. The main aquarium is home to dugongs, marine turtles, played the coral reef ecosystem.

"Aquarium" - a special tank with sharks. Feeding these animals is eerie and spectacular sight. Attracted by the smell of fresh blood, sharks begin to swim like crazy to quickly get your piece of meat, which they immediately swallowed, and then looking for a Supplement.

On the right side of the "Aquarium" located theatre room. Here the schedule shows documentaries about ocean life.

The freshwater area is a collection of freshwater fishes from around the world. Particularly interesting representatives of fauna of the Amazon: a huge arapaima, ferocious piranhas and eels dancing.

The Museum presents a collection of dried or alcohol preserved samples of living fishes as well as coelacanth, possibly already extinct, and the Guys - a huge ramp. The Museum is also used as a function hall where you can celebrate various events like birthday, reunion, wedding and other surrounded by underwater scenery.

In the aquarium Sea world implemented a training program called "Learning to Sea world", which is designed specifically to support school curriculum in biology and gives comprehensive knowledge about the marine world to the students of any age. The program started in August 1994 and is popular with schools across the country. In addition, specialists of the aquarium visit schools to tell pupils about the marine world. Some outreach programs are being implemented with the sponsorship.

Other facilities: first aid post, mosque, Parking, a gift shop, food court, library, multi-touch screen, a foot massage with Garra rufa fish.