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Museum of art, Neka

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Museum of art, Neka was opened in 1982. The Museum is named in honor of collector and artist Suteji Neka, who founded this Museum.

Suteji Neka - son Vaiana Neka, a gifted sculptor, who in the 60-ies of XX century was recognized as the best Carver in the province of Bali. One of the most famous works Vaiana Neka - the statue of the bird Garuda with a height of 3 meters, which was exhibited in the USA in 1964. Suteji Neck inherited from his father the love and talent for painting, and in 1966 together with his father's works exhibited and their first works. Since then, Suteji Neka devoted all of his spare time to the study of painting in Bali, and began to collect works of art. Suteji Neck repeatedly awarded for his contribution to the development and preservation of the art and culture of Bali, and one of the highest honours for the development of traditional and contemporary art in Indonesia Neka received in 1993 from the government of Indonesia.

Total collection of the Museum there are about 400 works, the Museum complex consists of 4 buildings. Guests can watch traditional Balinese paintings in the famous wayang style, which comes from the ancient puppet theatre of shadows. There are also modern paintings, which depict scenes from village life, and black-and-white photos that tell about life in Bali before the Second world war. On display in addition to paintings a collection of products of wood and bronze sculptures. Fans of impressionism will enjoy the paintings of the Dutch artist Ari Smith, who settled in Bali after the Second world war. In addition to works by local artists in the Museum's collection includes works by Walter Spies, Rudolf bonnet and Miguel Covarrubias.

There is a fifth building, which hosts temporary exhibitions.