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National Park Gunung Leser

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National Park Gunung having stretched on the territory 7927 sq. km. Park is situated in the Northern part of the island of Sumatra, on the borders of two Indonesian provinces: North Sumatra and Aceh.

The Park is situated on a mountain ridge that is covered with jungle, and is called Bukit Barisan. The length of this mountain range - 1700 km, consists of volcanoes, some of which about 35 are active. In addition to the national Park Gunung Leser on the ridge there are two other national Park. All three of the Park known as Virgin wet tropical forests of Sumatra, and because of its unique biodiversity these parks in 2004 were included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

National Park Gunung Leser named after the mountain having the height of which 3119 m. the Length of the Park is about 150 km and the width of the reserve is about 100 km, 40% of the Park territory is mountains. The Park has a sanctuary for Sumatran orangutans, Bukit Lawang. In this reserve, established in 1973, is home to about 5000 animals. In 1971 the Park was even established a research station to study these animals. In addition to orangutans, the Park is home to the Sumatran elephant (endemic to Sumatra), Sumatran tiger (a rare tiger subspecies, also endemic to the island of Sumatra, listed in the Red book), Sumatran rhinoceros (the smallest representative of the family nasorolevu), siamang (Primate), the Indian sambar, Bengal (dwarf) cat, Sumatran, serau.