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National Park Tanjung Puting

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National Park Tanjung Puting is located in the South-Eastern part of the County East Kotawaringin, which is among the 13 districts of the province of Central Kalimantan. The closest town to the national Park - the capital district - Pangkalan bun, the second name of the city Pangkalanbuun.

The Park was created in 1930 by the Dutch colonial government in order to keep the population of orangutans and proboscis monkeys. In 1977, the Park received a status of biosphere reserve by UNESCO, and in 1982 - the status of national Park. The Park covers an area of 416040 hectares and consists of Shorea species forests, forest peatlands of Borneo, verestnikov forests, mangroves, plantations, which have replaced cut down virgin forest.

Despite the fact that the national Park is a protected area, unfortunately, primary forests in the Park has decreased by 65%. Loss of natural habitat is the biggest threat to wildlife Park as Tanjung Puting is the primary environment that is natural for orangutans of Borneo. In the Park there are 4 research centers, which study and work to restore populations of orangutans and other primates.

In addition to orangutans and proboscis monkey common in the Park are Gibbons, macaques, clouded leopard, porcupine tree, Indian sambar (deer), Malayan sun bear or biruang. Also in the Park is home to crocodiles, lizards, pythons. There are numerous birds, among which you can see the Hornbill and Kingfisher.

Today, the Park Tanjung Puting is a popular destination for ecotourism, many local companies offer boat tours for a few days, which will allow you to see wildlife and visit the research centers.