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National Park Ujung Kulon

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National Park Ujung Kulon is located at the westernmost point of the island of Java, in the province of Banten. In the Park include the Krakatau - acting volcano in Indonesia, which is located between the Islands of Java and Sumatra, the island of Panaitan, who won a special popularity among surfers, and other small Islands in the Sunda Strait area, such as Puking and Chandeleur.

It should be noted that the height of the Krakatau volcano today - 813 metres, but before it was much higher and represented the whole island. In 1883 there was a catastrophic volcanic eruption that destroyed most of the island and the volcano itself has become smaller in size.

On the island of Panaitan can find legendary surf spots, but novice surfers to this island ride is not recommended because of the waves that turn into "pipe" giant size of 600-800 meters, which can handle only experienced professional surfers.

The national Park - 1206 sq km, of which 443 sq km is sea. In 1991, the Park Ujung Kulon was included in the UNESCO world heritage site because the Park has the largest part of the lowland rainforests of the island of Java.

In the Park is a home of Javanese rhinos are extremely rare animals, whose numbers are critically reduced recently. In addition, in the Ujung Kulon grows to about 57 species of rare plants, is home to about 35 species of mammals including the banteng (bulls), silvery Gibbon, a brilliant gulman (a type of Primate and endemic to the island of Java), Javanese small kancil (small Olenek, the smallest hoofed on the planet), Javanese leopard, macaque-crab. Among the inhabitants of the Park there are rare reptiles and amphibians, birds.