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The Temple Of Luhur Batukaru

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The temple of Luhur Batukaru is a Hindu temple located in Tabanan, Bali. Luhur Batukaru was built on the slope of mount Batukaru, is one of the nine sacred temples in Bali, which protect the island from evil spirits. The temple of Luhur Batukaru protects the island from the West.

Mount Batukaru, sometimes her name is pronounced as Batukau, ranks second in height among the mountains of Bali. The height of the mountain - 2,276 meters, the top of the mountain clouds constantly envelop, which gives the uniqueness of grief and mystery. The Balinese revere this mountain and consider it Holy, on it and built a temple in honor of the spirit of the mountains. It should be noted that the mount Batukaru, the third sacred mountain after mountains of Agung and Batur. On top of the mountain which is an extinct volcano - the crater the biggest largest of the craters Bali, its diameter is about 12 km away.

The temple of Luhur Batukaru was built in the XI century and was dedicated to the ancestors of the rajas of Tabanan. In 1604, the temple was destroyed and restored only three centuries later - in 1959. One of the most important shrines of this temple is a seven - tier pagoda, dedicated to the spirit of the mountains Batucar - Mahadeva. It is believed that the spirit of the mountains - the earth goddess Mahadeva protects the surrounding area from earthquakes and troubles, and that since the construction of the temple in honor of the goddess of the volcano never erupted.

To the temple have to travel a rocky road, so there is not a lot of people. This temple is a mandatory stop during pilgrimage for the Balinese to the top of mount Batukaru, this pilgrimage takes place once a year. The temple is surrounded by many flowers and greenery, so it is also called "Garden temple".