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The Temple Of Luhur Uluwatu

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The temple of Luhur Uluwatu is one of the nine most important temples in Bali that protect the island from evil spirits. The temple was built in the XI century.

Puru Luhur Uluwatu is located on the top of a steep cliff in the village of Pecatu, in the South-Western part of the island of Bali. A distinctive feature of this ancient temple is its location on a cliff, which reaches a height of 70 meters. In addition, attract the attention of the carved altars of the temple, made of black stone.

The entrance to the temple is paid, and you must be dressed properly in the sarong. Sarong — is a strip of cotton fabric that is wrapped around the waist, and given it for free at the entrance. It should be borne in mind that around the temple can walk freely, but the visit to the Central courtyard is possible only during special ritual ceremonies. It will be interesting to attend a theatrical performance, which is arranged in the small amphitheatre of the temple - showing the Indonesian kecak dance.

In the forest that surrounds the temple, home to a huge number of monkeys being cared for by the temple servants. Monkeys allowed to feed, but you should be careful as the monkeys may snatch your bag, camera, sunglasses. If you still failed to protect monkeys from their property, usually guides recommend to change your item for any fruit. But in this case it is necessary to be careful, as this can provoke a monkey to steal your belongings and more.

Below the cliffs there is a picturesque cave, and the beach. This beach is very popular among surfers.