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Church Gereja Sion

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Church Gereja Sion is a historic Church that is located in the administrative district of Pinangsia, which is located in Taman Sari district of West Jakarta. Taman Sari is bordered by Central Jakarta to the South and East side, and North Jakarta to the North. In addition, the Taman Sari is considered to be the smallest district in West Jakarta.

Church Gereja Sion, the oldest Church in Jakarta. It is called the Portuguese Church, for in 1693 it was built by "black Portuguese" was the name of the inhabitants of the Portuguese colonies in India and Malaya, which were captured by the Dutch and brought to Batavia as slaves. Most of these people were Catholic, but they were granted freedom on the condition that they join the Dutch reformed Church. This layer of the population has received the name Magister, or released.

The Church was built outside the walls of the ancient city, the so-called New Portuguese outer Church. The official opening of the Church took place in October, 1695. In 1942, during the Japanese occupation the Church was closed for two years. The Japanese wanted to turn it into a columbarium for their fallen soldiers. The Church has several times changed its name, but in 1957, has become the Church of Zion.

Externally, the Church looks simple enough, the Windows are made in the shape of a dome, but the interior of the Church is very picturesque. Attract the attention of chandeliers made of copper, the chair in the Baroque style, an ancient organ. There are the Church yard, where you can see ancient tombstones. In 1920 and 1978 the Church was renovated.