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The tsunami Museum in Banda Aceh

Photos and description

The tsunami Museum in Banda Aceh is a Museum telling about the great disaster that occurred in 2004 an underwater earthquake in the Indian ocean and the ensuing tsunami. The epicenter of the earthquake was in the Northern part of the island of Sumatra, the force of the tremors reached nine points on the Richter scale. Among the affected countries was not only Indonesia, but also Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bangladesh, India (southern part), Maldives.

The Museum is located in Banda Aceh, the capital and largest city of Aceh, which was destroyed completely in 2004. Besides being a Museum devoted to this tragic event and to those who became a victim of the elements, it still serves as a training facility and a temporary shelter in case the city will again cover the tsunami.

The tsunami Museum was built under the leadership of Indonesian architect of Ridvan Kamila. The Museum's area is 2500 sq. m. This four-story building has a long curved walls, decorated with geometric images. From afar, the roof reminds of the approaching wave. To get inside, guests pass through a dark narrow corridor between two walls of water, water noise, and this creates a feeling that is approaching tsunami. On the walls of the Museum depict people performing a traditional Indonesian Saman dance dance of a thousand hands.

The Museum is on stilts, which is the traditional way of building houses in this area piles help to protect the house from frequent floods. In the Museum there is an exposition, an electronic simulation of what happened in 2004, earthquake in the ocean and tsunamis. Also in the Museum are photos of the tsunami victims, the stories of the victims, a variety of illustrations of that terrible event.