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National Park Betung Kerihun

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National Park Betung Kerihun is a nature reserve, which is located in the Indonesian province of West Kalimantan. Previously, the Park was named differently - Bentuang Karlovo. The Park runs along the border with Malaysia, a country in South-East Asia, the territory of which, it should be noted, is divided into two parts by the South China sea. To be more precise, the territory of the national Park runs along the border with Eastern Malaysia.

National Park Betung Kerihun was founded in 1995, the total Park area is about 8000 sq km, or 5.5% of the entire West Kalimantan province. Because of its unique nature, flora and fauna of the Park listed on the world heritage list of UNESCO.

The Park is mainly mountainous and hilly and there are steep slopes. The highest mountains are mount Kerihun, whose height of 1790 m, and mount Lavit, which reaches a height of 1767 m. the Park is located at the headwaters of the Kapuas river, which flows through the province of West Kalimantan, and is the longest river in Indonesia and the island the longest river in the world.

Perhaps, conventionally, the Park includes two Ecoregion: Bornaische mountain rain forests, which occupy two-thirds of the Park, and Burnaska lowland rain forest. On the territory of the lowland rain forests grow mainly dipterocarp trees of the family, the number of which is reduced, unfortunately, due to illegal logging. The wood of these trees is very much appreciated, they are made of aromatic essential oils, balms. The on-site lowland rain forests grow 97 species of Orchid and 49 species of trees of the family of palm. The fauna of Park is rich and includes about 300 species of birds, 25 species of birds endemic to Borneo, 162 fish species and 54 mammal species. In addition, the Park is the habitat of borrascoso orangutan and seven other Primate species.