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Rudana Museum is a Museum of fine arts, which is Peliatan village, district of Gianyar. In this County is the town of Ubud, which is considered the center of Balinese artistic life.

Rudana Museum was founded by artist Nyoman Rudana. Besides the fact that Nyoman Rudana, founder and owner of the Museum, he also is the founder of organizations that support artists in Ubud. At the time, Nyoman Rudana was a member of the Board of regional representatives of Indonesia. The Nyoman Rudana is a follower of the Balinese concept of tri hita Karana, which is common among indigenous inhabitants of the island of Bali and the principles of which are based on the harmonious relationship of man with the divine, nature and other people. Also, according to this concept, art, promotes the welfare and well-being of the nation.

The first stone in the Foundation of the structure was laid in 1990 in December. Officially the Museum was opened on 26 December 1995, the President of Indonesia Hadji Muhammad Suharto. The Museum features more than 400 exhibits, among which, besides paintings, there are sculptures. On the first and second floors presents the work of contemporary Indonesian painters such as Affandi, Bazooka Abdullah, Made Viant. Also, there are works by Indonesian postmodernists. On the third floor presents works by traditional Balinese craftsmen Ubud and foreign artists who lived in Bali.