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The national Park lore lindu

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The national Park lore lindu is protected forest land on the island of Sulawesi. The Park is located in the province of Central Sulawesi, and is a national couple. The Park - 2.180 sq km, and is the lowlands and mountain forests. Park height above sea level is different, ranging from 200 meters to 2610 metres.

On the territory inhabited by a huge number of rare birds, of which 77 species endemic to the island of Sulawesi. In addition to the birds in the Park are animals such as monkeys tonski, Indonesian babirusa (this animal also called a pig-deer), pygmy tarsier and tarsier Diana (Primate), opossums.

The national Park lore lindu is part of a worldwide network of biosphere reserves under the International biological program of UNESCO "Man and biosphere". Date of establishment of the Park in 1982. The Park was formed in the result of joining already existing island reserves - nature reserve Laura Kalamata, recreational areas and protected forests of lake Linda and wildlife refuge Laura Linda.

In addition to the variety of wildlife in this Park are the megaliths - huge structures built of blocks of stone that date back to 1300 BC. The Park is located about 400 megaliths, of which about 30 sculptures in the form of a man.

The Park is located 50 km from the city of Palu, the province of Central Sulawesi. It is best to visit the Park in July-September, as the rest are showers. In General, annual rainfall up to 4000 mm of precipitation. The Park is surrounded by 117 villages, 62 of them are located along the borders of the Park, and one village was located on its territory.