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The Gedong Songo Temple

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The Gedong Songo temple is a Hindu temple located in Central Java province. More accurate location - the village of Kandy, at the foot of mount Ungaran.

This temple was built in the middle ages, in the epoch of existence of the state of Mataram, which controlled the province of Central Java during the VIII-IX centuries. Gedong Songo built from volcanic stone and its buildings are the oldest Hindu structures in Java. The name Gedong Songo from the Javanese language means "temple of the nine buildings", but actually (according to some) buildings more than nine, therefore, properly be called Gedong Songo temple complex.

The temple complex is on the Dieng plateau, wet mountain plain located in the center of the island of Java. Dieng plateau is of volcanic origin and is situated at altitude 2093 meters above the sea level. To be more precise, the plateau is a Caldera, which was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption many thousands of years ago. Earlier in this territory there was a lake, but then it dried up.

At this place the local population at the end of the VIII century built Hindu temples, according to some reports there were more than 100. To our times preserved, unfortunately, not all. On the plateau there are other temples that were built before Gedong Songo is Prambanan and Borobudur.

The biggest Gedong Songo temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, in front of this temple is a private temple, a smaller size, and it is devoted to the bull of God Siva - Nandi. In this temple complex there is a swimming pool with hot sulfur water in which guests can enjoy.