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Museum of art and ceramics

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Museum of arts and ceramics is located in the Eastern part of Fatahillah square, near the Museum of history and Museum wayang. The Museum exposition is dedicated to the traditional art of Indonesia, Indonesian ceramic products.

The building, which houses the Museum, was built in 1870. Initially, the building was a court, during the Japanese occupation the building was used by the army. And after Indonesia became independent, the building served as a dormitory for Indonesian military. In addition, the building was a warehouse logistics company. In 1967, the building housed the city Council of West Jakarta, cities in special capital district of Jakarta. In 1974 the building was placed under the office of scientific organizations. The Museum of arts and ceramics in this building, settled in 1976, in August of that year the Museum was officially opened by the President of Indonesia Haji Suharto.

The collection of the Museum will tell visitors about traditional crafts of Indonesia. Among the exhibits there are paintings by Indonesian painters such as Raden Saleh the romantic and expressionist Affandi. Critical periods in the visual arts of Indonesia can be seen in different halls of the Museum: the hall of the era of raden Saleh (1880-1890), an al hindiya Dzhelita (1920-ies), an origin of realism (1950-ies), hall of modern art (1960-ies) and others. The Museum also houses a collection of ancient porcelain - the most precious vases dated to the sixteenth century. Visitors can explore pottery, brought from different parts of Indonesia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and Europe.

The Museum has a pottery, where everyone with the help of the staff workshop can manufacture any ceramic product.