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Museum Sonobudoyo

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Sonobudoyo Museum was opened in 1935 and devoted to the culture and history of the island of Java. The Museum is located near the Sultan's Palace Keraton, the main square of Yogyakarta.

The Museum building reflects traditional Javanese architecture. Developed the project of the Museum by the Dutch architect Kersten. The total area of the Museum - more than 7 000 sq. m. it is Worth noting that the Museum has a huge collection of artifacts and relics that can impress any archaeologist and be of interest to specialists in Javanese art. The number of collections artifacts Museum Sonobudoyo ranks second in Indonesia (the first place belongs to the National Museum in Jakarta).

Among the exhibits are pottery Neolithic age, statues and bronze artifacts that date back to the VIII century. Also, visitors to the Museum can see the famous wayang puppets are made from Buffalo skin. In addition, among the exhibits there are two gamelan sets are traditional Indonesian musical instruments. The Museum presents a unique collection of ancient bronze bells from the island of Java and other Islands of the Malay archipelago - Bali and Madura, the ancient collection of arms (national daggers of Chris, more than 1000 types), weaving machines, antique painted batik samples.

At the Museum there is a large library, which area - 668 sq. m. In the library there are manuscripts and books on Indonesian culture. In addition, every evening except Sunday, in the Museum you can see a representation of the Performance Kulit - representation of shadow theater.