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Clock tower jam Gadang

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Clock tower jam Gadang is one of the most memorable sights of the city of Bukittinggi (West Sumatra). The city of Bukittinggi is part of West Sumatra province and is situated in the Central part of the province near the town there are two volcano - Singgalang and Merapi. It is worth noting the fact that the volcano Merapi is one of the most active and dangerous volcanoes on the island of Sumatra, the last eruption of this volcano was not so long ago - in 2011.

Clock tower jam Gadang is in the city centre, near the main market of the city - pasar atas, where they sell many beautiful Souvenirs, fruits, and also has a huge selection of dried fruits. The clock tower was built in 1926, when Indonesia was a colony of the Netherlands, on behalf of the Dutch Queen, and was given the hand of the Maker, which at the time was the city Secretary.

On each side of the tower are clock, clock diameter is 80 cm and the height of the tower jam Gadang is 26 metres. The uniqueness of the hours is that on the dial instead of the traditional Roman number "IV" painted combination of "IIII". Based on local legends, the four vertical lines are reminiscent of the four workers who died when they built the building. Initially, on top of the tower was installed the figure of a rooster, but during the Japanese occupation the figure of a cock was removed, the roof is decorated with ornamental trim. In total, the facade of the roof has changed three times, and the roof reflects architecture that is traditional for the people of Minangkabau.

In translation the name of the Clock tower jam Gadang sounds like "the big clock". The tower is very often depicted on Souvenirs, and the area near jam Gadang is Central to the celebrations in Bukittinggi the New year.