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Mosque Sultan Suriansyah

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Mosque Sultan Suriansyah is the oldest mosque in the province of South Kalimantan. This province is located on the island of Kalimantan. It is worth noting the fact that this island is the third largest in the world. In addition, the Kalimantan island is the only marine island, which is divided between three countries: Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia. Most of the island is Indonesian, which is four provinces: West Kalimantan, East, South and Central.

The province of South Kalimantan, which is an ancient mosque Sultan Suriansyah consists of 11 districts and two urban municipalities. The exact location of the mosque is the village of Kuin Utara, which is located in Banjarmasin, the largest city and administrative center of the province of South Kalimantan.

The mosque was built over 400 years ago, during the reign of Sultan Suriansyah (1526-1550), the first king of Banjarmasin, who had converted to Islam. 500 metres from the mosque is the tomb of Sultan Suriansyah. The mosque is just near the place where the Palace complex, Kampung Kraton, which, unfortunately, was destroyed when Indonesia was colonized by Holland. The mosque was built in bangaram national architectural style, which is characterized by the following feature: the mihrab (the niche in the center of the mosque) has its roof and is separate from the main building. In the beginning of XVIII century, mosques have been carried out reconstruction work. Inside the mosque, the imagination is endless ornamental patterns and Arabic calligraphy.