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Temple Rambut Seavey

Photos and description

Temple Rambut Sivi is located between Negara and Medewi beach. Negara - town, which is the capital of the district of Jimbaran, located in the Western part of the island of Bali.

Negara is a medium-sized town, with wide streets, lots of mosques. Perhaps the most amazing and emotional event in the city considered to be the traditional race on the buffaloes, managed by jockeys - makepung. Organized by local authorities in August and somewhere between September and November, when there is no rain.

Another local landmark, attracting tourists, is beautifully situated on the coast of the ancient temple Rambut Seavey. This temple is considered to be one of the biggest Hindu temples in Bali. The temple stands on a cliff, offering stunning views of the Indian ocean and the rice fields.

At the time the Church was restored and moved to the top of the mountain for the convenience of deity worship. The temple is under protection of local authorities, who ensure that all technical work was carried out on time. With the support of the authorities in the Church conducted religious ceremonies.

Locals sincerely believe that every Church on the island holds some secrets, and Rambut Sivi is no exception. In translation the name of the Church sounds like "Temple of worship to curl". The history of the Church dates to the sixteenth century, when the Hindu priest Nirartha made a stop at this place during his journey and declared this a Holy place. Leaving this place, he left a lock of his hair to the villagers, who after built a temple and named it Pura Rambut Seavey.

The temple building is very beautiful, located near the main road to Gilimanuk. Balinese people who go in this direction, stop near the temple to perform religious ceremony and receive blessings.