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The cultural center of Taman budaya

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The cultural center of Taman budaya, located in the Eastern part of Denpasar city. The second name of the center is the art center of Bali.

Cultural centre is located in several buildings that represent the best example of the traditional architecture of the island of Bali. Every year, Taman budaya is an arts Festival in Bali, which begins in mid-June and lasts until mid-July. At this time, the city hosts music and dance groups from all the provinces of Bali. Just in recent years the festival also began to bring groups from other countries, such as Japan, the United States. The festival opens with a parade of participants that demonstrate national costumes of the provinces and orchestras. In addition, the streets are souvenir shops where you can purchase the products of manual work, and also to try the local cuisine.

The center of Taman budaya was founded in 1973, the total area of this cultural complex is 5 hectares. the Centre is divided into three zones, the center has a library, temple, pavilions, one of which is on the water, exhibition hall, art gallery. The center even has a children's Playground.

The highlight that attracts tourists, are two huge playgrounds for submissions. The first area-the amphitheater can hold about 7,000 spectators. Usually on this site are shown national dances or dramatic performances. Particularly striking seems to show with the ritual kecak dance, which translates as "dancing monkeys". The second area is 5500 sq. m., it is usually held seminars and conferences.