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National Park Danau-Sentarum

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National Park Danau-Sentarum located in the heart of Borneo island - in the district of Kapuas Hulu, province of West Kalimantan. The name of the national Park translates as "lake Sentarum".

The national Park is very rich in biodiversity and includes a system of numerous lakes and marshes. The Park stretches around the upper part of the Kapuas river, about 700 km from the estuary.

The history of the Park begins in 1982, when the area with lakes and forests, marshy 800 sq. km. was declared a nature reserve. It is worth noting that half of the Park is the lake, the rest part is covered with swampy forests. In 1994, the reserve was extended to 1320 sq km 890 sq km of which was swampy forests, and 430 sq. km is dry land. In the same year, the reserve became the object of the Convention on wetlands. In 1999, the reserve was given the status of a national Park, but the Park administration was founded in 2006.

The fauna of the national Park a lot of fish - about 240 species, among which are the Asian arowanas (one of the most expensive aquarium fish) and Botia-clown (also known aquarium fish). On the territory of the nesting birds, only about 237 species, including the Malayan woolly-neck stork (rare bird of this family, is under threat of extinction), and pheasant-the Argus (one of the largest members of this family, included in one of the categories of the international Union for conservation of nature). Of the 143 mammal species 23 endemic species of Borneo including the proboscis monkey. This primacy was due to the large nose, similar to a cucumber. Interestingly, such a large nose is only for males. In the Park are also home to orangutans, vavilovia crocodiles and estuarine crocodiles.