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Bridges Barelang

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The Barelang bridges are perhaps one of the most interesting attractions of the island of Batam, which is located in the North of Indonesia. Batam is located near Singapore, just 20 km away.

Today the island is a free trade zone, an airport, the infrastructure, and only 30 years ago the territory was occupied by a small fishing village. On the island there are still some villages, you can arrange a tour and get acquainted with the traditions of the locals.

Bridges Barelang is a chain of six bridges that connects the Islands of Indonesia - Batam, Galang and Rempang, and the name of the bridges is composed of the syllables of the United their Islands. Some of the locals called the bridges of Barelang bridges Habibi - in honor of the famous Indonesian public figure, Bacharuddin Yusuf Habibie, who oversaw the project for the construction of these bridges. All the bridges are different from each other.

The construction of the bridges started in 1992 and ended in 1998. The total length of these bridges is about 2 km, each of 6 bridges is the title of the rulers from the XV to the XVIII century the once powerful Kingdom of Malay in the province of Riau. The first bridge with a length of 642 meters - Tengku Fisabilillah connects Batam island with the island of Taunton. This cable-stayed bridge with two pylons with a height of 118 meters each. The second bridge - TONTON-Nipah - cantilever, its length is 420 m. the Third bridge is Satoko-Nipah - and-beam, length of 270 meters. Fourth - Satoko-Rempang - cantilever, with a length of 365 m. the Fifth - Rempang-Galang - arched, 385 meters long. Sixth - 180 m.