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Padang Galak

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The Padang galak beach is located in the Northern part of Sanur beach which is quite well known in Bali and is one of the most popular and visited tourist places.

Sanur is famous throughout the world, and it began to develop tourism in Bali. From Sanur, easy access, near beach are the famous attractions such as traditional market Badung, the art centre of Bali, Museum Bali. Sanur beach is near the famous surfing points such as Matahari Terbit, Kuta beach, Keramas beach, and Padang galak.

The name Padang galak is translated as "wild lands", it is famous for its waves ideal for surfers. This beach is usually visited not only by locals-surfers, but also foreign tourists with a fondness for strong and big waves. The best season for surfing at Padang galak beach is considered the time when the wind is blowing from the South-West to the East, which contributes to the formation of large and strong waves. Usually recommend to arrive in January-February, or from September to December. Thus, it is believed that the Padang galak beach is more suitable for beginners in surfing, as there are no reefs. The waves here are both the left and right. The spot, in principle, not crowded, most of the skiers are locals.

In July, every year, on the beach, the festival of kites. It should be noted that Balinese kites are huge, sometimes reaching 10 meters long and 4 meters wide. This festival is religious in nature and dedicated to the Hindu deities, which want to appease. It is believed that if a benevolent deity, will be an abundant harvest. Competing teams from the villages located near Denpasar. Each team of 70 to 80 people, each team has its own orchestra-the gamelan responsible for the flag and for the snake. Snake are usually 10 or more people. Snakes come in the form of fish (the big kite), birds and leaf-shaped.