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The railway Museum Ambarawa

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Railway Museum is located in Ambarawa, Central Java province. Ambarawa is a small market town between Salatiga and other port - city of Semarang. The city of Salatiga is located at the foot of the extinct volcano, mount merbabu, Semarang is the fifth largest city in Indonesia.

At the time Ambarawa where there is a Railway Museum, was an important rail junction through the city ran cog railway, which went on a cable car and connects the city of Central Java province - Semarang, Ambarawa and Magelang. Railway at Ambarawa was built during the Dutch colonization, to transport troops to Semarang. The official date of the opening of the road - 1873. The station was small, on its territory there were only 2 buildings, one was a waiting room in another building was the stationmaster.

The train station was the connecting point for trains that plied from Kedungjati towards the North-East on a track width of 1,435 mm, and trains that shuttled towards Yogyakarta via Magelang to the trace width of 1067 mm. Even today you can see that on both sides of the train station track have a different width.

This railway line lasted until 1977. After this territory was founded the Railway Museum which put on display for visitors railway the rack railway, which connected at that time, the towns of Ambarawa and Bedono at the main railway station Ambarawa-Magelang. In addition the Museum you can see the steam locomotives that traveled on a rail gauge of 1067 mm in width, all of these locomotives - 21. Currently four engines are operating. Will be interesting for guests of the Museum to see the old phones, which were used for railway communications, and the Morse Telegraph vintage calls and signal tools.