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The Army Museum Of Indonesia

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The Army Museum of Indonesia is located in South Jakarta. The Museum was opened in October 1972. The Museum occupies 5.6 hectares, this Museum has another name - the Museum of the armed forces "Ksatriya Mandala". "Ksatriya Mandala" in Sanskrit means "a sacred place for the knights". The Museum is located in three buildings, part of the exhibits installed in the street. This Museum is the main military Museum in Indonesia.

The idea of creating the Museum belongs to the history Professor who taught at the University of Indonesia, Nugroho Notosusanto. First idea was to use the Museum of the armed forces of the presidential Palace in Bogor. This request was addressed to the President of Indonesia Hadji Muhammad Suharto, but he refused. Instead, it was suggested to use the Museum as Wisma Yaso, the house built in 1960-ies as a residence for the spouse of the first President of Indonesia, Sukarno, Dewi Sukarno. The building was constructed in Japanese style. The house began to alter the Museum in November 1971.

Despite the fact that work to improve the Museum functioned until 1979, formally the Museum of Indonesia's President Suharto opened in 1972. At the time of opening the Museum was located only 20 dioramas. In 1987 he built another pavilion. In the exhibition halls, guests can also find many types of weapons, handy materials and other items that were used in battle. As well there are pictures. Some of the exhibits are of great value, they are not allowed to touch, and some can not even take pictures. Under the open sky visitors can see combat vehicles and other military equipment.

In 2010, the Museum was included in the list of cultural property of Indonesia.