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Senggarang is the name of a small village, which is located on the island of Bintan. Bintan is an island that is part of the Riau archipelago. It should be noted that the Riau archipelago is a geographic term that applies to a group of Islands belonging to the province of Riau Islands. On the island of Bintan, namely in its southern part, is the administrative center of the province of Riau Islands - Tanjung Pinang.

The history of Bintan island begins in the 3rd century ad, when the island was a trading point on the route between China and India. It was the heyday of the island. First, the island belonged to the Chinese then the British. In the XII century, the Bintan island was known as "pirate island" since it was inhabited by Malay pirates, who plundered and stoked a merchant ship. In 1824, under the terms of the Anglo-Dutch Convention, Bintan island became part of the Dutch East Indies and was in its structure until 1945, when Indonesia became independent. Today the island is known for its resort area, where you go to rest, people from around the world.

Senggarang on Bintan island is of particular interest to tourists, as the locals of the village have kept their original culture. In the village there are many temples, some of them were built about 300 years ago. Temples built in the Chinese style and attracts huge number of tourists, they also come local Buddhist pilgrims.

One of the oldest churches is San the Kong is close to the port of the village. The temple dedicated to the God of fire, was built almost immediately after the village began to be settled. Came to him to pray and ask about the well-being and happiness. Marco temple named after the God of the sea, to which the inhabitants were treated with reverence. The temple of Tay Ti Kong was built together with the temple, Marco, but a little less devoted to the God of the earth. Residents contacted this temple and prayed in the hope of a decent harvest. Temple Banyan Three is close to the beach, it is surrounded by a huge Banyan tree.