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The Villa Isola building in the style of art Deco, which is located in the Northern part of Bandung, the administrative center of West Java province. This multi-million metropolis is the capital of West Java province, which is located on the island of Java. The island of Java is part of Indonesia and West Java province in the West it borders with the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta.

History of Bandung begins in the XV century, but according to some, as well as archaeological finds, the city already existed in prehistoric times. At the end of the XIX century the town became a popular resort where you come to rest provided by the Europeans. Then began the construction of mansions and palaces in the style of art Deco, which today serve as a reminder of those times.

Villa Isola belongs to the unique architectural ornaments of the city, the Villa offers stunning views of the city. This building was built in 1933. The construction lasted only six months, which was quite fast for that period. Construction work was headed by the Dutch architect Charles wolf Shoemaker, who is the author of several buildings in the art Deco style in Bandung.

The Villa consists of three floors and combines Indian and European architectural styles. The circle is the main theme of the architecture of the building, both inside and outside. Also on site are two gardens at different levels. The building itself was built for Dutch media tycoon Dominique William Barrete, the founder of the press Agency "Aneta", and was supposed to be his residence, but later, when Dominic William Beretti died, the building was converted into a hotel. Also in this building is a Directorate of the University of Indonesia.