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Muckross Abbey: photos, description (Muckross Abbey)

In addition to the magnificent natural landscapes and beautiful scenery of the Irish Killarney national Park is famous for its various historical and architectural landmarks, among which special attention deserves and the Franciscan monastery, the Abbey of Muckross, or rather its ruins. The ancient monastery is located in the heart of the reserve is about a ten minute walk from the least-interesting of the estate of Muckross house and is available to visitors year-round and is absolutely free.

Muckross Abbey was founded by monks of the Franciscan order in 1448 on the ruins of a more ancient monastery, built, as legend has it, a Holy Fionna in the 6th century. Over its turbulent history the monastery was repeatedly attacked and looted, and several times monks were forced to leave the Holy abode. Finally, the monks left the Abbey in the late 17th century.

Today Muckross Abbey is in rather poor condition, although the monastery walls firmly resist the time and you can still see the Church, the bell tower and is surrounded by a vaulted arcade, Central courtyard. In the center of the yard is growing a huge old yew, which, according to the Irish, years as much as the Abbey.

Near the monastery walls you will see the old cemetery, where the remains of some members of the families of the once powerful local clans. Here found his last resting place and such Irish poets as O Donoghue, O Sullivan and O'reilly. The cemetery of the Abbey of Muckross, and to this day is valid, therefore, with a mossy old gravestones and rickety crosses, the inscriptions on which it is impossible to distinguish, there are fresh graves.