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English market: photos, description (English Market)

English market, municipal food market in the heart of the Irish city of cork. This is one of the largest such markets in Europe and one of the most popular attractions in Cork.

The construction of the market began in September of 1786 and almost two years later, the official opening of the first pavilions, which traded exclusively meat. Around these pavilions, in fact, subsequently and grew a huge market, they have significantly expanded their range and received by the mid-19th century called "the English market". The English market was considered more "prestigious" than based 40 years and is located near the market of St. Peter (better known as the "Irish market"), as evidenced by both diversity and the quality of the products and their cost.

In 1862, under the leadership of the famous architect sera John Benson was a large-scale reconstruction of the English market. In the same period was built and the main entrance from Princes street. Over the next hundred years the market has not changed.

In June 1980 as the result of a strong fire, the market was severely damaged. The city Council, which the English market is located today, has allocated funds for repair work and ordered the contractor to restore the market in accordance with the old plans preserved the original Victorian style.

Today the English market with its incredible atmosphere and an impressive range - a popular place for both residents of Cork and visitors. Their purchases in the English market and leading restaurant Cork. Among an abundance of variety of food brought from all over the world, special attention, of course, is to give the local delicacies - black pudding (a type of blood sausage), spicy beef, so called "oil eggs", etc.

The most famous guest of the British market is probably Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, who visited it during his official visit to the Republic of Ireland in may 2011.