/ / Tower of the red Abbey: photos, description (Red Abbey Tower)

Tower of the red Abbey: photos, description (Red Abbey Tower)

Tower of the red Abbey is one of the main sights of the Irish city of cork. The tower of the Abbey dates back to the middle ages and is the oldest building in Cork. However, this is perhaps the only medieval structure that you see today in Cork.

The old tower is all that survived from the red Abbey, founded by monks of the Augustinian in the late 13th - early 14th century and received its name from the reddish Sandstone used in the construction of the Holy monastery.

Historians believe that Augustine lived in the Red Abbey, at least until the Irish rebellion of 1641. Further their stay in the monastery questioned, although it is likely that the Augustinians left the Abbey until the end of the 17th century. In 1690 during the siege of Cork Villamiel army, under the command of John Churchill (later received the title of 1st Duke of Marlborough), the tower of the Abbey was used as an important observation post.

In the early 18th century, the Augustinians founded a new friary in Fishamble Lane, and never returned to his old abode. On the territory of the red Abbey was placed a sugar factory. In 1799, as a result of heavy fire, much of the red Abbey was seriously damaged and almost beyond repair. Over time, all buildings except the tower, which served as the main bell tower of the Abbey Church, were demolished.

Tower of the red Abbey as a national monument and is administered by the City Council of Cork.