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Mount Caranthir: photos, description (Carrauntoohil)

Carrantuohill mountain in the southwestern part of Ireland (County Kerry, province of Munster), is part of the mountain range macgillycuddy's reeks. The height of the mountain Carrantuohill is 1038 m (3406 ft) and is the highest peak of the island of Ireland. Mount Carrantuohill classified Scottish club of climbers as a "Furth".

Mount Carrantuohill is very popular among fans of mountain trekking. It should be noted that the slopes of the mountain Carrantuohill (as, indeed, and the whole ridge of macgillycuddy's reeks) is composed primarily of Sandstone and are heavily indented, in the course of erosional and glacial processes, thus here quite often there are slides and avalanches. However, Carentoir not considered among the dangerous peaks, and climbing this mountain does not require special climbing equipment, however on the side of caution and attentiveness will not prevent (it is not necessary to go to independent travel on Caranthir and beginners mountain trekking).

Breaking a very tiring ascent to the mountain Carrantuohill, you will be rewarded fully opened before your eyes on the breathtaking scenery and stunning panoramic views of the sinking in the clouds, the peaks of macgillycuddy's reeks and the bowl-shaped valley with splashing on their bottom of a picturesque mountain lakes.

On top of the mountain you will see a huge metal cross, with a height of 5 meters. The first cross was placed here in 1976, but in November 2014 it was demolished by vandals, however, a few weeks later the cross was hoisted in its place.