/ / City Museum Galway: photo description (Galway City Museum)

City Museum Galway: photo description (Galway City Museum)

City Museum Galway located in the heart of the city near the Spanish arch, talks about the historical and cultural heritage of Galway.

The Museum was founded relatively recently, in the mid 70-ies of the last century. At first he was located in Comford house, in the house where lived the famous writer, journalist and sculptor Clare Sheridan. The Museum lasted until 2004, and in 2007 was re-opened in a new, specially constructed building. Spanish arch - part of the ancient fortifications of the city - is the wall of the Museum's patio. The height of the new buildings limited to three storeys, so it can fit into the existing building's historic city centre.

Permanent expositions of the Museum tell about the history of the city from ancient times to the present day. The separate exposition is devoted to the village of Claddagh, a suburb of Galway, home of the famous Claddagh rings, symbol of love, loyalty and friendship (two hands holding a crowned heart).

As Galway is a seaport at the Museum you can see the fishing boats, signal lamps, navigation books, etc. in a More recent history is reflected in the photos of the city that were made from 1950-ies. Of particular interest is the collection of textiles, recently donated to the Museum by the nuns of the Dominican order. This magnificent collection of embroideries, tapestries and woven blankets made from the XVII to XX century.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, the Museum has constantly held a variety of temporary exhibitions.