/ / City Museum Limerick: photo description (Limerick City Museum)

City Museum Limerick: photo description (Limerick City Museum)

Among the most interesting places in the Irish town of Limerick special attention certainly deserves a small but very entertaining Limerick Museum, also known as the City Museum named Jim Cammie. Impressive collection of the Museum will acquaint you with the history, culture and traditions of Limerick. The Museum is run by Limerick city Council and available to everyone (the entrance to the Museum is free).

Limerick Museum was founded in 1906 and was originally located in the building where today is the City art gallery. For more than a century of history Museum has repeatedly changed his location, until they finally settled in the heart of Limerick, the so-called Royal island in city Hall near popular attractions, such as king John's castle and St Mary's Cathedral. In 1992 Limerick Museum received the first prize from world-renowned Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

An awesome collection of the Limerick Museum is very extensive and varied, and perfectly illustrates the history of Limerick, covering a vast period of time - from the prehistoric era to the present day. You will see an impressive collection of artifacts found during excavations in Limerick and the surrounding area, weapons (including the sword given to Limerick Elizabeth (I), coins, articles of apparel, specimens of Limerick lace, and more. A special pride of the Museum is its historical archive - various documents, among them the Charter, signed by king Charles II, books and pamphlets, photographs, maps, etc.