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Dublin mosque: photos, description (Dublin Mosque)

Dublin mosque is a mosque in the Irish city of Dublin. In the building of the mosque and the headquarters of the Islamic Foundation of Ireland.

The history of the Irish Muslim community began in 1959, when the students were Muslims decided to organize and establish the Dublin Islamic society (later renamed the Islamic Foundation of Ireland) in order to be able to be centralized to solve different questions of a religious nature, and problems related to the education and social needs residing in the territory of Ireland Muslims. The society was registered as a charitable organization, and since its Foundation is the official representative of Muslims in Ireland.

Islamic Foundation of Ireland has also actively contributed to the Foundation of mosques, both in Dublin and in other cities of Ireland. In 1976 in Dublin and opened the first mosque and Islamic centre Ireland. Over time, considerably raised the flow of young people professing Islam and wishing to get education in prestigious Dublin schools (including in the famous Dublin College of surgeons), and later to settle on the emerald Isle, led to the fact that the Muslim community in Dublin thoroughly increased. Soon the old mosque was already simply not able to accommodate all the believers, and there was a question on purchase of the new building. So, in 1983, the Islamic Foundation of Ireland bought was built in the second half of the 19th century, the building previously occupied by the Presbyterian Church, and transformed it into a mosque, which, in fact, is the Dublin Cathedral mosque.