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Dublin castle: photos, description (Dublin Castle)

Dublin castle has changed in my lifetime many roles. Built by the Normans as a defensive fortress, it was the Royal residence and the place of accommodation of the military garrison and the seat of Parliament and the courts. Now here are the official receptions of foreign delegations held the inauguration of the presidents of Ireland and other celebrations.

The construction of the fortress began in 1204 by order of king John of England and lasted until 1230. The fortress was located to the South-West from the then Dublin, and the city walls start from North-Eastern towers of the castle, was in the Western and Northern direction, skirted the city and were returning to the castle, to the South-West tower. Of these medieval buildings up to the present day survived only one tower. In the middle of the XVIII century the castle was almost completely rebuilt, transformed from a fortification into a Grand Palace with richly decorated halls.

In 1907 from the castle was kidnapped precious regalia of the order of St. Patrick star and badge of the order, decorated with diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. The jewels were never found.

Now Dublin castle is not only a venue for official state events, but also one of the most popular tourist attractions of Ireland's capital. Every year in early may on the grounds of the castle held a music festival of contemporary music.

To get inside the castle and state rooms (if they are not engaged in official state events) can only be part of a group with a guide, but the entrance to the castle is free.