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Dublin zoo: photo description (Dublin Zoo)

Dublin zoo located in the Park Phoenix is the largest zoo of Ireland. In the year it is visited by nearly a million people. He is also among the oldest zoos in the world, Dublin zoo was founded in 1830 and opened to the public in 1831.

The first collection of animals - 46 mammals and 70 birds was donated to the London zoo. Gradually the collection expanded, increased the territory of the zoo, and the growth of popularity contributed to the fact that on Sunday the entrance fee was significantly lower. The attendance record of 20,000 people a day - was installed in 1838, the coronation day of Queen Victoria, when entrance to the zoo was made free in honor of the occasion. This record was not broken until now.

Specialists Dublin zoo I think that one of the most important challenges facing them is the preservation of species under threat of extinction. The zoo participates in the European program of conservation of rare species in Europe.

The zoo is divided into thematic zones. The African zone includes animals of the African Savannah, gorilla rainforest, and other animals: chimpanzees, hippos, lions, etc. On the territory of the Arctic zone is inhabited by sea lions, penguins, Arctic owls and the Siberian tiger.

In the reptile House, visitors can see a variety of crocodiles, turtles and snakes invertebrates here are the stick insects and a giant spider is the Chilean rose tarantula.

Also of great interest are the collections of South American animals, primates and big cats.

At Dublin zoo there is a special exhibition for visually impaired visitors, where all the exhibits - mammoth Tusk, the skull of a lion, a tiger skin, etc. - you can touch. The exhibit captions written in Braille. Guide dogs on the territory of the zoo are not allowed, but for them there is a special place where they can wait for their owners.