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Castle Ashford: photo description (Ashford Castle)

Ashford castle - a historic castle in Ireland's County Mayo on the shore of Loch Corrib near the village of Cong.

The history of Ashford castle begins in the 20-ies of the 13th century comparative of a small manor belonging to the dynasty Bourke (also known in history as De Burgh). The family owned the castle for more than three and a half centuries, and during that time the original medieval castle was repeatedly extended and rebuilt. However, subsequent owners have contributed to the architectural appearance of the castle, turning it resulted in a huge impressive building, the architecture of which harmoniously combines various styles (Victorian, neo-Gothic style, etc.).

Today, Ashford castle is not only an important architectural and historical monument, but also a luxury five-star hotel, which is considered one of the best hotels in the world. Along with its magnificent Park surrounding the castle covers an area of about 350 acres. The inner decoration of the castle is a subtle blend of luxury and elegance. Above all praise and excellent kitchen of the castle restaurant.

At different times the guests of Ashford castle were such well-known and high-ranking person like king George V and his wife Queen Mary, John Lennon, George Harrison, Oscar Wilde, Ronan Reagan, Brad pitt, pierce Brosnan, Prince Rainier III of Monaco and his legendary wife, grace Kelly and many other celebrities.

In 1952, the famous American film Director John Ford began work on his Oscar-winning romantic Comedy "the Quiet man" and Ashford castle and its surroundings the talented Director has chosen as the main set.