/ / Blackrock castle: photos, description (Blackrock Castle)

Blackrock castle: photos, description (Blackrock Castle)

About 2 km from the centre of cork city on the picturesque Bank of the river Lee, is conveniently located to Blackrock castle - one of the most entertaining sights of County cork.

At the end of the 16th century, the inhabitants of Cork appealed to Queen Elizabeth I with a proposal to build on the Li river fortification, so as to protect the approaches to the city in case of attacks by pirates and other possible invaders. A location for a future Outpost was chosen very successfully - on the South Bank of the Lee near Blackrock village (where, in General, came the name of the castle), near the place where the Li river connects with lake Mahon, and actually blocked the opportunity to get to cork by water.

The first tower Blackrock castle was built around 1600. Despite the fact that originally the castle was intended as a purely defensive structure, it quickly became the venue of balls and other entertainment events, playing an important role in the social life of the city.

After a devastating fire in 1827 and the global reconstruction of the Blackrock castle was significantly changed. In fact, it was then for the most part it got its present architectural appearance. The oldest building of the castle is well preserved massive round tower with a diameter of 10.5 m and wall thickness is 2,2 m.

In the early 2000-ies in the framework of the project "Cosmos at the castle" with the participation of Cork city Council, Cork Institute of technology and an unknown private patron in the Castle, Blackrock has created a modern science center with an Observatory, equipped with the latest technology. A lot of pleasure you get after visiting our first Interactive astronomy center of Ireland where you can exciting virtual "tour of the Universe" and learn about the latest scientific discoveries.